PHASE II • NOW LIVE in the Mission!

Phase Two created by Steve Pepple @stevepepple and @AuFriedland.

Urban Heartbeat is a street-level installation that invites exploration of generative, real-time data visualization. Inspired by “city as interface”, Urban Heartbeat connects passersby in San Francisco’s Mission District to local data streams mapped at an urban scale: civic, social, and environmental.

Ongoing research will continue to prototype for inclusive civic engagement via layers of interactivity, playtesting, polling with Mission neighbors, and exploring embedding displays offscreen.





Urban<3Beat was initially created as a result from a Data Canvas datathon at swissnex SF. Awarded a grand prize, Steve Pepple took a fellowship (with Stamen advising among others) and continued to collaborate with Aurelia Friedland to build out Phase II: large-scale street level screens at Gray Area’s Grand Theater in the Mission District. Stop by to see the large, street level screens in action at the Grand Theater in SF’s Mission District-from the opening night of Gray Area’s Summer Immersive Showcase on August 26th through September.

Many thanks go out to our partners: